Gore Floats

So Al Gore’s Saturday evening iChat following a showing of his global warming horror movie in Hunts Point in the Bronx is up on youtube, and our immediate reaction is premature nostalgia for television. If presidential debates are ever carried out via iChat, and Al Gore ever decides to run again, we suggest iMakeup. The man’s head is bright enough to be a celestial body.

Viewers in the Bronx, Los Angeles and South Carolina asked Gore about the environment and he answered from his office in Tennessee. According to Jason Page, an outreach coordinator for Generation Engage, which organized the event, the last question was from a viewer in the Bronx who pointed out that Gore’s film was not showing anywhere in the borough.

“Really?” Gore said, according to Page. Page then added that Gore promised to “try and work on new ways to distribute the film.”

–Jason Horowitz Gore Floats