Green: It’s ‘Spitzer vs. Cuomo and Bush’


Eliot Spitzer looms larger than ever over the Attorney General race.

Mark Green this afternoon took the comparison campaign down to Brooklyn where he and his wife looked up at the U.S. Federal Courthouse that will house arguments by Eliot Spitzer’s office against HUD for failing to implement pesticide protections.

Green, fresh off the Times endorsement and a photo session with Spitzer this weekend [time corrected] framed the case as Spitzer being directly at odds with his former HUD Secretary Andrew Cuomo. Green was not content to link Cuomo to the unregulated pesticide use, however, and for good measure lumped Cuomo in with President Bush, who is of course poison to Democratic primary voters.

“On the one side will be Attorney General Eliot Spitzer on the other side, in effect, will be the Bush Administration and Secretary Andrew Cuomo,” said Green, who added that the dynamic of a popular incumbent suing the candidate who hopes to replace him amounted to “a big deal.”

When asked if he wasn’t going a bit far, Green, clearly confident and ebullient after the Times endorsement, had the following to say:

“Was the New York Times being too negative and too high decibel when they endorsed me and condemned Andrew Cuomo’s record at HUD?” he said, adding. “I haven’t been nearly as critical as the New York Times editorial board was on him.”

I don’t recall the Times suggesting Cuomo failed to protect the children and elderly, but who’s counting?

–Jason Horowitz Green: It’s ‘Spitzer vs. Cuomo and Bush’