Greg Will Deal With Tuxedo Sitch

ERICA: “Why don’t we hold off…”

If I could get this phrase tatooed on Greg’s forehead, I might consider it.

I have a fiance who is insanely handsome, wickedly funny, usually very thoughtful, goes with me to see girly movies and, in general, pretty much just rocks. BUT, if procrastination were an Olympic sport, Greg would be up there with Lance Armstrong.

After months of prompting, he finally asked all of his groomsman to be in our bridal party. Now we have the ever brewing conundrum of what sort of tuxedo Greg will wear and what sort of gifts he will give to his groomsmen.

My gifts are pretty much taken care of, so I thought I might help the matter along by doing some research for Greg and making some suggestions. I asked Greg if he would mind if I did this and he said absolutely not. However, 20 minutes later after I had begun to make several (what I thought were) stellar recommendations, Greg countered with:


Uhm, OK Greg.

I’m pretty much banking on the fact that “I will figure it out,” will translate into us at the mall in California on the day of the rehearsal dinner scrambling to find absolutely anything that’s remotely appropriate.

As for the tuxedo, it looks like we’ll be buying one. I was under the impression that they cost thousands of dollars, but it seems like you can get some pretty swank ones for about $500. Greg has promised that we “will deal with the tuxedo sitch soon.”

Needless to say, I’m not holding my breath. Greg Will Deal With Tuxedo Sitch