Human for Governor

In addition to endorsing Chris Owens for a Brooklyn congressional seat today, The Amsterdam News made a number of other endorsements [no link yet]. In a surprise move, they went with Tom Suozzi over Eliot Spitzer, saying:

“Both men are talented; one of them is human to the core.”

Update: Amsterdam News also endorsed:

Hillary Clinton for Senate
Charlie King for Attorney General
Charles Barron for the 10th Congressional District in Brooklyn
Hiram Monserrate for the 13th Senate District in Queens
Hakeem Jeffries for the 57th Assembly District in Brooklyn
Sylvia Friedman
for the 74th Assembly District in Manhattan.

Update 2: The paper made no endorsement between state Senator Marty Connor and Ken Diamondstone in the 25th Senate District.

Azi Paybarah Human for Governor