Observer super-intern Samuel Jacobs has this dispatch from Jonathan Tasini’s press conference at City Hall earlier today:

Backed by two-dozen supporters holding blue Jonathan Tasini signs–“Vote for what you believe in”–Jonathan Tasini chastised New York reporters at his 12:30 press conference.

“The press has not covered this race properly,” he said, with black cowboy boots firmly planted on the first step of City Hall. “We’re polling at the exact same number that Ned Lamont was polling at, trailing by 55 points.”

In his prepared remarks, Tasini attempted once again to link the fortunes of New York’s junior senator with Joe Lieberman’s, calling the two “ideological soulmates” when it comes to Iraq, taxes, NAFTA, and coziness with Washington lobbyists.

And quoting Ross Perot, Tasini called Senator Clinton’s recent denunciation of Donald Rumsfeld on the Senate floor “gorilla dust.”

Some of the most combative comments came, several Tasini supporters later, from liberal columnist Barbara Ehrenreich.

“It’s amusing that some commentators since Ned Lamont’s victory, that some are saying that the Democratic Party is being taking over by crazies,” she said.

“We are the mainstream that opposes the war. I feel very strongly that Jonathan should get the media’s attention. Any exclusion is an example of class prejudice.”