In the 11th — Park Slope and Crown Heights

In keeping with our ongoing obsession with the up-for-grabs 11th Congressional race, we sent our man John Koblin out into the district to talk to residents about what they hoped for out of their new member of Congress.

Here are a few randomly selected interviews that show, if nothing else, the radically different priorities of voters in different parts of the district.

brem hyde.jpg
Brem Hyde

I’d like to see the the new congressman stop the futility with the war
in Iraq. On a more local level, I’d like to see the new congressmen
become involved with city and state energy issues and social issues
like Healthcare.

— Brem Hyde, 39, landscape designer, corner of President and 7th Ave,
Park Slope

danielle martinelli.jpg
Danielle Martinelli

We need to be more resourceful with saving energy and doing anything
that has to do with that Al Gore movie. Especially because I’m a mom
and this resonates on a deeper level to me. Oh, and stop all the fear
shit too!

Any local issues that concern you?

I can’t think of any local issues.

— Danielle Martinelli, 28, Park Slope, interviewed at the corner of
7th Ave and Berkeley

dave wallen.jpg
Dave Wallen

Police, yeah, but I don’t want police here who don’t know the
neighborhood. I’ve called the police many times for people in this
area and they never know anything about the neighborhood. Then the
moment the crime activity is over, the police are gone. I want to see
a police officer who walks down the street and who has a sense of this

— Dave O. Wallen, 38, Brooklyn College student, interviewed from at
the corner of Bedford and St John’s in Crown Heights

michelle vaughn.jpg
Michelle Vaughn

We need to fix the rent. It’s extraordinary and it’s jumping more and
more! We live in shoeboxes. Ever since the white folks started
moving in — and they make more money — the rent just keeps getting

— Michelle Vaughn, 40, custodian, interviewed at the corner of
Franklin and Park in Crown Heights

clarence bishop.jpg
Clarence Bishop

We need more police in the area. The crime, drugs, prostiution,
robbery is all over the place. There are drug deals right on the
corner. I don’t care what Bloomberg says, he doesn’t live here.
It’s bad. Bloomberg isn’t going to do anything about it, so maybe the
federal government can do something.

— Clarence Bishop, 65, retired, former welder, interviewed on his
front step on Park Place, near Bedford Avenue in Crown Heights

michael robertson.jpg
Michael Robertson

It’s sketchy here. I hate worrying about getting jumped or robbed
whenever I get off the subway. I want at least two to four police
officers on every corner instead of none. The closest cop they have
is three blocks away at the subway station and those are long blocks.

— Michael Robertson, 18, in construction, interviewed at corner of
Bedford and Lincoln in Crown Heights In the 11th — Park Slope and Crown Heights