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Jason Horowitz gets an earful from the Green Party’s candidate for governor, Malachy McCourt, who isn’t impressed with the other candidates.

“And they actually talk about rolling their sleeves up and getting to work–those fuckers. I have been a laborer. I worked on the docks. That was my fucking living for years. These fuckers have never worked–not a day.”

Choire Sicha taps into the mind of Charles Barron, who recalled telling his wife once, “you need to know that God has called me to be a catalyst for the liberation of my people. Can you handle it?”

Jerry Skurnik has a must-read guide to the Times endorsements.

Last week, The Times went after longtime State Senator Martin Connor for challenging his opponent’s residency in the Brooklyn district, citing his actions in an endorsement of his opponent, Ken Diamondstone. But in another legislative race in Queens, the paper backed the Assembly candidacy of Ellen Young–who had engaged in the same tactic.

And I look at the business community’s new best friend, Christine Quinn.

Azi Paybarah

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