Isay: Pro-Lieberman, Not Republican

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Josh Isay may be new to the Lieberman campaign, but not to Lieberman himself.

“I have actually known the Senator’s family for almost my entire life,” said Isay. “I grew up in New Haven.”

Hometown loyalties aside, Isay said he is a great admirer of the Senator, and expressed confidence Lieberman will take on and win against Democrats, Republicans and anyone else going into November’s showdown with Ned Lamont.

“I think he is going to do very well with Democrats and unaffiliated voters and Republicans who want to end partisan bickering and who want progress,” Isay told me.

Lamont’s campaign has already jumped on the Lieberman’s campaign hiring of Isay — who recently worked on the reelection campaign of Mike Bloomberg — and a Republican pollster as another opportunity to question the senator’s Democratic credentials.

“It makes you wonder who the real Joe Lieberman is,” Mr. Lamont’s spokeswoman, Liz Dupont-Diehl just told us. “He has been Republican, Republican, Republican for some time. Now we are seeing it manifest itself.”

But Isay, who helped reelect Republican Mayor Bloomberg, said he was a true-blue Democrat.

“I’m a Democratic political consultant who represents both elected officials and progressive causes, I believe Joe Lieberman has been a great Senator and is the best choice in this race. And I believe that this is totally consistent with my clients and my beliefs.”

–Jason Horowitz Isay: Pro-Lieberman, Not Republican