Jon Bon Jovi, John Sabini

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photo credit: Jeff Pulver, Bon Jovi fan

Here is an email I got from a talented artist-turned-political-operative:

“Hey, Azi, I nominate the following for Coolest Political Fundraiser. If not, then at least Coolest Political Fundraiser Invite.”

In that spirit, check out these pictures on The Jeff Pulver blog (via JustHillary) of the exclusive Hillary Clinton’s fundraising event in East Hampton this weekend. Jeff’s coverage has a heavy focus on the entertainment — Jon Bon Jovi, who performed live at the event.

And in the invite category, here’s an aesthetically pleasing specimen that our artist friend wanted to nominate: an event for John Sabini’s re-election campaign in the 13th Senate district. After the jump.

Azi Paybarah

Coolest fundraiser ever? Jon Bon Jovi, John Sabini