A Gen-X Indie Classic

Sometimes (a lot of times, actually) a minor classic slips through the cracks. For reasons that have bewildered devotees of the Gen-X indie-movie pantheon — think Dazed & Confused, Reality Bites, and Singles — Noah Baumbach’s debut feature from 1995, Kicking and Screaming(not to be confused with the 2005 Will Ferrell soccer-coach movie), has long been out of print.

Now that it’s finally coming out on DVD (8/22), Kicking cultists and new recruits can celebrate: There’s no film about post-collegiate limbo this smart, this funny, or this quotable. In fact, the DVD’s cover quotes more than dozen lines from Baumbach’s incisively rambling screenplay (e.g., “I’m nostalgic for conversations I had yesterday”) — snippets that even Kicking virgins are glancingly familiar with, given how dialogue from this film has taken on a sort of iconic, 90s-touchstone, secret-handshake aspect.

But what really works are the brilliantly neurotic, understated performances from the likes of Parker Posey and Eric Stolz.

By the way, Baumbach, that precocious bastard, made this film when he was 24.

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