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Firefighters, Not Rudy, Are Heroes of 9/11

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To the Editor:

Mitchell Moss wrote a rave review of the movie World Trade Center [“Stone’s Film Shows New York’s Heart,” Aug. 21]. Although Rudy Giuliani’s name is not mentioned, his picture is in the column. Why has the media made Mr. Giuliani symbolic of the heroism shown on that day? The true heroes were the firefighters, policemen and others who risked and gave their lives so that others could live—which is something Mr. Giuliani did not do. When is Mr. Giuliani going to stop exploiting 9/11 for his own personal gain?

Reba Shimansky


Pataki for President? Hah!

To the Editor:

“Lonesome George” [Sheelah Kolhatkar, Aug. 14] illustrates the end of lame-duck Governor George Pataki’s Presidential dreams.

Citizens who believe in limited government, balanced budgets, reduction in long-term debt and support for the free-enterprise system won’t sign up for Mr. Pataki’s 2008 Presidential ambitions. They would be a nightmare for taxpayers. New York State is No. 2 nationally in debt among the 50 states. Each resident is responsible for $2,500 of the $49 billion total debt. Under “TaxPaki,” state debt grew from $27 billion in 1995 to $49 billion today. Projected future red ink may increase this debt to $54 billion by 2009.

Under Mr. Pataki, Republicans have lost or been unable to regain numerous public offices. This list includes two U.S. Senate seats, five Congressional seats, the offices of State Comptroller and State Attorney General, the County Executives of Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester counties, the New York City Comptroller and Public Advocate, and five New York City Council seats.

In 2008, intelligent Republican primary voters in Iowa, New Hampshire and other early contests will look past the glitzy campaign commercials to a potential President’s past leadership, management style, philosophy and political track record. Mr. Pataki’s fiscal mismanagement, and his presiding over the destruction of the G.O.P. as an effective opposition party within New York State, will not be overlooked. Why would any Republican Presidential primary voter want to inflict the Pataki virus on a national level? Native New York Republicans who know Mr. Pataki best will deny him the ability to be their favorite-son candidate.

Arizona Senator John McCain and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani offer the real winning Republican ticket in 2008.

Larry Penner

Great Neck, N.Y.

Rudy M.I.A.?

To the Editor:

Re Richard Brookhiser’s “If It’s Showtime!, Is It Giuliani Time?” [The National Observer, Aug. 7]: Evidently, Rudy’s handling of 9/11 was found admirable across the nation, but while his support of the gay agenda may be acceptable in New York, it certainly won’t help him in many other places. Nor, as you point out, is his hostility toward guns going to go over very well in much of the country.

As much as I’d like to vote for a fellow Catholic, I will vote against Rudy for his two divorces and three marriages, if for no other reason, and as a conservative Catholic and gun owner I can think of plenty of other reasons to oppose him.

There’s one of Rudy’s failings that’s virtually never mentioned: He’s an alleged draft dodger. That will hardly go over well with the nation’s 28 million veterans, including yours truly.

Dave Livingston

El Paso County, Colo.