Lieberman as Charlie Brown, The Times as Lucy

In today’s Observer, Tom Scocca has a really nice reported exegesis of the New York Times endorsement of Ned Lamont.

In the piece, Joe Lieberman’s loyalists suggest that “the goalposts have been moved,” but Scocca explains why it was more a matter of “Lucy Van Pelt yanking the football away from Charlie Brown yet again.”

He notes, in particular, that the Times’ decision is actually consistent with what they’ve written about Lieberman in the past – notably in 2000, when there were no fewer than three angry editorials taking him to task for his double-track candidacies for VP and Senate.

And, crucially, Scocca gets Editorial-page editor Gail Collins to talk about the cookies the Times served to the candidates up on 43rd Street.

— Josh Benson

Lieberman as Charlie Brown, The Times as Lucy