Lieberman’s Lessons

On the campaign trail today, Joe Lieberman engaged in a little retrospective analysis of the campaign even as he remained resolutely forward-looking about his imperiled career.

When I asked him about campaign tactics outside a Stop and Shop in Shelton, he said that “in terms of the campaign, in various ways we let Lamont for too long peddle what I believe were lies about me which began to appeal to people, such as express your anger against Bush by voting for Lieberman, it makes no sense…We let that go for too long without taking it on.”

The whole thing, Lieberman said, had provided him with an important lesson — for his fourth term. Here’s what he said he’ll do differently in terms of communcating with his constituents:

“Try to get their attention when I am expressing the range of opinions I have about a complicated subject like Iraq. Because I think my opponent and to some extent the media were allowed to simplify my position on Iraq.”

Meanwhile, the Hotline blog is reporting reports that turnout is “high and steady” in CT without any voting irregularities, even as the Lieberman campaign continues to allege that the Lamont campaign sabotaged its campaign website.

–Jason Horowitz Lieberman’s Lessons