Live from the Sixth Borough

We followed downtown cabaret legends Kiki & Herb to Philadelphia—New York’s sixth borough!— on Friday, as they workshopped their upcoming Broadway show.

Jared Geller, one of the show’s producers, spent much of his week with the duo in glamorous Philadelphia as well. So how’s our sixth borough doing?

Mr. Geller said that, while he worked, his Italian boyfriend went out touristing. Ever thoughtful, he texted Mr. Geller back a message: “If Jefferson only knew that the Independence Declaration would be read 230 years later by a parade of overweight and reactionary people…”

“They have these horse tours,” Mr. Geller said, of the wonders of Philadelphia. “You can ride a horse around Philadelphia, and they point out things. Like, here’s the first fire insurance building! The first building that would insure your home against fires. That’s like a sight to see in Philadelphia.

“We were walking,” he said, “and there was this sort of brick planter? It had bushes in it. It was this square. And there was a sign that said ‘The Working Man’s House.’ And it explained that this square was the size of a working man’s house in Philadelphia. And it was like the size of my desk.

“You just trip upon these things in Philadelphia,” he said. Live from the Sixth Borough