Mark Green’s Book


Mark Green has a new book entitled Losing Our Democracy: How Bush, the Far Right and Big Business Are Betraying Americans For Power and Profit. And even if Mark doesn’t necessarily have John Kerry’s endorsement in his campaign for attorney general, his book does.

However, according to Sourcebooks, Inc., his publisher:

This is not, however, just another Bush-bashing book, this is a call-to-arms to all the people in America who cherish our freedom and who are sick and tired of seeing rich, born-again, politicians line their pockets so that special interests can have whatever they want at the America people’s expense. Subjects include voter suppression, religious, corporate, and legislative tyranny, so-called tort reform, the problem of purchased politicians and the far right’s Stone-Age approach to race and civil rights.

It seems Mark will be taking his book campaign to the streets, starting tomorrow with a stop at the Barnes & Noble on 86th and Broadway, and then next week in Washington, DC, at the Politics and Prose bookstore.

—Nicole Brydson

Mark Green’s Book