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Where we are is Ken’s lawyer finished with his case today and basically finished with Ken’s testimony, there were more

Where we are is Ken’s lawyer finished with his case today and basically finished with Ken’s testimony, there were more witnesses, a big pile of documents and evidence.

That was in front of the board of elections, in court its far more, the Board of Elections can’t consider evidence, outside evidence, they can only look at their own records. So what the Board of Elections did was look at their own records and their own records show that on November 7 he was registered outside the district so that’s what they have to rule on. They can’t look at his lease, they can’t look at any documents he might have they can’t hear any testimony from witnesses.

Now the court is revealing the entire picture. When he says he moved and what other evidence there is that he didn’t move in a timely manner. He didn’t move in time, basically, actually move.

KD campaign is calling this an act of desperation due to a recent filing that shows your committee in the red.

That filing was an error! Please, Please! Talk to the state board of elections about that I don’t know what’s wrong with their software but it keeps, you know, I’m not the only candidate, I’ve talked to many others, it doesn’t happen to everybody but some people just end up with negative balances.

So you don’t have a negative balance?

I said from day one I didn’t, I had $30,000 on hand at the time they were showing a negative balance. In fact I had on hand, but for Ken’s last minute loan, I had on hand, I think $1,000 more then he would have had on hand if he didn’t lend his committee $233,000 the day before the filing cut off.

How much do you have total?

I don’t know, we have another filing next week. Probably have on hand, I mean I’ve been spending money too, I don’t know I must have $40,000-$50,000 on hand.

He loaned his committee $233,000 and of the $60,000 to $80,000 he said he raised, if you actually go through it all, he contributed another $60,000.

What is your vision for the district, although you’ve been there a long time, and what fault do you find with your competition?

Fault with the competition is he has no real record, he has no real record in 70% of the district at all, no record. I mean, the district is 70% Manhattan, its not a Brooklyn district, and he arrives in Manhattan, not only unknown but unfamiliar with the district, the issues in the district. On his own website, he listed, I don’t know if he’s changed it, but he didn’t have the Lower East Side included as one of the neighborhoods in the district, its a large portion of the district. So that’s what you would expect from a carpetbagger, somebody who’s never lived in the district until you know, if you give him, if you say he is correct, he’s only lived in the district what? What is it now? Seven months? He’s only lived in the district for eight or nine months. I’ve lived in the district for 36 years, so of course there’s a difference in familiarity and knowledge of the issues.

Marty Comma