More Drama in CT?

One of the best things going for the independent candidacy of Joe Lieberman right now is the weakness of his prospective GOP opponent Alan Schlesinger.

As Horowitz reported before the weekend, a potentially more credible – and wealthier — Republican is doing his best to make it known that he will jump into the race if Schlesinger can be persuaded to drop out.

Today, that wealthy Republican, Jack Orchetti, told Greg Sargent that he’d be willing to spend at least $1.5 million of his own money on a three-way race against Lieberman and Ned Lamont, but he essentially set a two week time limit for getting into the contest.

“If Schlesinger doesn’t step down within two weeks,” he said, “it’ll be too late.”

Until now, Schlesinger has shown no indication of heeding calls from within his party to drop out. But I have a feeling the Lamont people are keeping their fingers crossed.

— Josh Benson More Drama in CT?