More Lieberman Stuff

Also in the Observer this week, Jason Horowitz looks at the bad week Joe Lieberman had trying to motivate — or even locate — Democratic supporters in Connecticut.

And Steve Kornacki writes about the unusual phenomenon of ideological primary challenges in the Democratic Party.

It’s going to be interesting, now that Lamont is the nominee, to see how enthusiastically Lieberman’s Democratic colleagues in the Senate actually work against him.

Chuck Schumer’s DSCC is already decked out for Lamont, and it’s probably fair to assume that all of the other Senators who promised to support the winner are going to follow suit.

It looks like Lieberman will have the support of one prominent liberal Republican: Mike Bloomberg, whose backing should count for something in a general election.

— Josh Benson

UPDATE: Speaking of support from Republicans, George Stephanopoulos is now reporting that Karl Rove has reached out to Lieberman, on behalf of the president, with an offer of help. More Lieberman Stuff