New York Finally Gets Haute

Oh-so haute

The only thing more glamorous than high-end luxury real estate in New York City and the Hamptons is a magazine exclusively devoted to covering high-end luxury real estate in NYC and the Hamptons.

“A New York edition was a natural next step for Haute Living,” said publisher Kamal Hotchandaniin a morning press release. “Obviously, New York leads the way when it comes to luxury real estate.” Obviously.

South Florida-based Haute Living Magazine has already covered the divas of Manhattan real estate–and, less successfully, the Cipriani Club.

Where will spin-off Haute New York be found? In “400 luxury buildings where the average price of an apartment is $4.2 million.” And: “in flight on private jets.”

– Max Abelson

(Full disclosure: The Real Estate’s haute Michael Calderone has been a recent Haute Living contributor). New York Finally Gets Haute