Notes On Camping

LAURIE: Despite being tent owners, Josh and I were quite unprepared for the realities of a recent camping trip with friends. We did not bring sleeping bags, for instance, nor a tarp to go under the tent. Neither of us thought to wear appropriate shoes. The grass was long and wet, and parts of the ground were profoundly muddy. And it turns out that, when stuffed into wet sneakers, wool socks soak up water like a sponge.

Life was quickly stripped to the basics: food, water, keeping our stuff dry and relatively clean, getting drunk, looking at the stars. This was pretty much the profoundly relaxed, enjoyable and filthy scenario I’d originally envisioned for our wedding. A big, dirty field party.

Now, having seen how much organization it takes to just address life’s basics while living outdoors, I realize how much, much easier and actually more mellow it’s going to be to have our wedding at a former American Management Association facility that’s crawling with eagle statues and rules.

I hope. Notes On Camping