‘OK Go’ Dances Up a Storm — Again

We first developed a bit of a media crush on Chicago indie-pop band OK Go when their funny, dorky dance video for the single “A Million Ways” first started infecting the Internet, becoming one of last winter’s biggest viral-video sensations.

But now the “Million” video has been eclipsed — by a new OK Go video that instantly puts them into the ranks of Viral Video Immortals.

Picture N’Sync’s swanky moves as reimagined by indie-rock hipsters; that pretty much sums up OKG’s “Million” video. Now picture those same hipsters engaging in their latest set of synchronized exertions on eight moving treadmills in one seamless three-minute take; that’s the video for “Here It Goes Again.”

Quite simply, it’s grin-inducingly, charmingly, stupidly ingenious.

By the way, dance theatrics aside, OK Go has enough indie cred to have lured the producer of Franz Ferdinand’s first CD to produce their new CD, “Oh No,” which has an infectious Cars-meets-The-Beatles tunefulness, and on which both “Million” and “Here” appear.

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