Once Again, Ladies and Gentlemen… Al Gore

Yesterday we posted an item about an iChat event in the Bronx at which Al Gore’s head appeared to float like a moon in the Internet ether.

(Ben, who actually went to the event, quoted a local artist saying that she had “never seen so many white people in the Bronx in my life.”)

In any case, we may have done Gore something of a disservice, which we’re now determined to rectify.

As the event organizers from Generation Engage patiently explained to us, the spacey-looking video we linked to on YouTube — which they placed there as a labor-saving courtesy for technologically-challenged members of the media — was actually of a much lower quality than the version on their website, which for the most part renders the former vice president in more human-looking tones.

In any case, here, without further ado, is the real version. Enjoy!

–Jason Horowitz Once Again, Ladies and Gentlemen… Al Gore