One Missing White Woman Actually Found; Near, Hungry

It was announced this morning that Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno’s 20-year-old granddaughter has been found. She did not show up for work on Thursday or Friday.

The media described her as 5’10” and 110 pounds; The New York Daily News, for one, described her as “trim” on July 31st, and as “willowy” on August 1st.

Apparently, the young lady realized she was missing, and discovered herself at the intersection of anorexia and substance abuse. (In New York City, of course, having traveled here with a fellow named “John Savage.”) Shortly thereafter she phoned home. The Senate press office memo, in which Mr. Bruno blames the Internet and those on it who “prey on the vulnerable” for his granddaughter’s troubles, follows.

FOR RELEASE: Immediate, Wednesday, August 2, 2006


My family and I are deeply relieved that my granddaughter Rachel has
been found and is safe and in a secure place where she can receive the
treatment she needs.

Rachel was diagnosed with anorexia and has struggled to overcome this
disease for a number of years. Unfortunately, her struggles continue.
Eating disorders take a tremendous physical, as well as emotional, toll on
young people and the afflicted person can feel helpless, as though they
have nowhere to turn, even though their family is trying to help.

Rachel’s physical and emotional problems placed her in a dangerous
and threatening situation, the outcome of which could have been much worse.
This was compounded by her susceptibility to other harmful substances and
dangerous influences, particularly those online and people who use the
Internet to prey on the vulnerable.

The quick action of the State Police saved my granddaughter from a
threatening situation, and I cannot thank them enough for their efforts.
Rachel is now receiving treatment and hopefully will overcome her problems.
It will take time, as well as the continued love and support of her family.

I again want to thank the State Police, the New York City Police
Department and other law enforcement officials, as well as other State and
local officials, the media, and my friends and neighbors and many others in
the community, for their prayers, concern and support.

This has been a difficult time for our family and we hope that
everyone will continue to respect my family’s privacy as Rachel receives

One Missing White Woman Actually Found; Near, Hungry