Outrageous Excuses (and an Urban Myth) For Albany

There is so much to change of a new administration, it’s hard to know where to start. For some people.

Not so for Tom Duane.

A reader passes on a letter from State Sen. Duane, who says he is eager (“!!!”) to keep same-sex marriage on Albany’s agenda. Even if a bill legalizing it only passes one house.

“Pundits … say that the State Assembly will never pass same-sex marriage legislation if it looks like it’s going to die in the Senate. That’s an outrageous excuse for inaction.”

But what about those Senate Republicans?

“Some people say we can’t win the same-sex marriage battle as long as Republicans control the Senate-this is a dangerous urban myth!!!”

The two-page letter, complete with Duane’s (enthusiasm?) road map to same-sex marriage is here and here.

Azi Paybarah

Outrageous Excuses  (and an Urban Myth) For Albany