Pesticides, HUD and Cuomo

Here’s a little more info about the lawsuit Eliot Spitzer filed against HUD, something Mark Green threw at Andrew Cuomo’s during last night’s debate:

Eliot Spitzer and ten other state attorney generals filed the lawsuit against HUD in 2003, but, according to Green, it cited HUD inaction dating back to 1996 – years that include Cuomo’s tenure at the agency. The press release, which doesn’t cite any years, is here.

It says that despite a federal law, “HUD currently does not require housing authorities to use Integrated Pest Management when dealing with pest control issues at HUD-funded developments. The petition asks HUD to require housing authorities to use Integrated Pest Management, a proven method of pest control that eliminates pests while reducing the use of toxic pesticides.”

The legal action came a year after Spitzer published a report on pesticides in New York public housing.

The second-to-last paragraph of that 2003 press release notes: “Since the report was released, these housing authorities have agreed to develop and implement Integrated Pest Management programs to effectively control pests while reducing the potential for toxic exposures of children and other residents.”

We’ll be happy to leave it to you to tell us how significant any of this is going to be in the context of the campaign.

Azi Paybarah Pesticides, HUD and Cuomo