Rally in Brooklyn

Clinton Hill Rally.jpg

Via Gowanus Lounge, on Sunday there will be a rally to protest yet another out-of-scale development in Clinton Hill/Bed-Stuy. Not only are the developers at 335-345 Greene Avenue using the oft-abused “community facilities” floor-area-ratio boost, it appears they’re not exactly following safety guidelines:

The demo, being done by the fine folks at MMG Design, has been extremely unsafe and unprofessional. They are the most unpleasant people I have ever spoken to. I called and spoke with the owner Marie Grasso one day when I looked out our back window and they had workmen 20 feet up on the wall above our yard, prying off cinder blocks off directly above the head of my 2 year old son who was playing in the yard and my wife who was hanging the laundry. This is without any kind of protective fence or netting, or even the human decency to yell down and let us know they were working and that maybe we should move the kid.

-Matthew Grace Rally in Brooklyn