Rangel’s Legacy

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There are lots of Democrats still harboring notions of taking back the House, but few with so much at stake as Charlie Rangel, who told told the Washington Post yesterday that he would quit if the the Democrats failed again this year.

He suggested as much to us back in December, when he said:

“I have not said this publicly, [but] it looks as though I will not be able to withstand the temptation of not being around in a minority for another two or three years–because, as you know, I’m 75; that would make me 76 in the election, and 77 and 78 in the minority. I think I am entitled to get out. And I just don’t see how I could argue against a young person moving forward,” said Mr. Rangel, weighing his words. “I really would have to think about giving someone else a chance.”

That raises the question of who should, or could, fill such large (and well-cobbled) shoes, and just as importantly, what would Rangel’s legacy be if he left office this year?

–Jason Horowitz

Rangel’s Legacy