Ringler’s Letter

So we got a copy of Port Authority Executive Director Ken Ringler’s letter that Bill Thompson found so “inappropriate and offensive.” Was it maybe Ringler suggesting that Thompson was “suffering from serious misinformation with regard to the Port Authority’s financial commitment to Ground Zero” which set the City Comptroller off?

The whole thing, apparently, started with Ringler asking if Thompson wanted to contribute any money from Battery Park City revenue, which the Comptroller helps oversee, “to meet shortfalls on some of the broad infrastructure costs for the construction of streets and sidewalks in and around Ground Zero, and to provide access to Battery Park City.”

Apparently, that last bit is a reference to the underpass under West Street.

The BPC funds were supposed to go towards affordable housing but until recently have just been used for New York City’s general budget.

Ringler notes, “We agreed with you that much of this fund should be used for housing, but if you want to make a positive contribution to the rebuilding effort, you could help release some of those funds toward rebuilding.”

Affordable housing versus rebuilding Ground Zero: two noble issues no one wants to get on the wrong side of.

What’s odd here is how two of the most mild-mannered figures in government are getting nasty.

Here, in PDF, are letters one, two and three.

-Matthew Schuerman Ringler’s Letter