RSVP Stats

ERICA: 61 yes’s and 22 no’s.

These are our stats after a solid week of RSVP gathering.

We are having our RSVP’s sent to my parents house, because back when we ordered these puppies, we actually believed that our new condo would have its certificate of occupancy by now and we would be living there. Needless to say, that has not happened. And so, hoping to avoid what we imagined would be a host of Post Office screw-ups, down to Florida they go.

“I’m calling with your take for the day,” says my dad when he calls every afternoon between 1:30 and 2:30pm when the mail arrives. Unexpectedly, this has become quite a fun task for him. He really did not have any wedding responsibilities before the RSVP data gathering assignment, and he’s quite enjoying it.

“We only got one today,” he said with disappointment in his voice.

We’ve actually almost turned it into a bit of a game. Our goal right now is to get 10 in one day. So far, our biggest day to date has yielded 6 RSVP envelopes. Everyone keeps telling me that they seriously taper off after the first week or so, so I may need to lower my expectations, but right now I’m going for 10!

RSVP Stats