Sharpton: “New York’s Biased”


At Charlie Rangel’s 76th birthday bash at Tavern on the Green last night, Al Sharpton was — where else? — right behind the podium as Hillary Clinton and other political luminaries addressed the crowd.

It was a familiar sight. On Tuesday, as you may remember, Sharpton made a cameo in just about every newspaper in the country after he occupied place of honor on the podium behind Ned Lamont during his primary night vistory speech. There had been some talk, including on this blog, about whether such a prominent association with Sharpton — whatever the merits of it — is really the best thing tactically for a liberal candidate faced with winning over independent and Republican voters in a general election.

Last night, Sharpton told us in no uncertain terms that he disagrees with the premise.

“Nobody has said that — you all have come up with that crap,” he said. “Before Ned Lamont called me Joe Lieberman called me. I will help Lamont to the degree I can.”

And anyway, he added, “New York’s biased.”

— Jason Horowitz Sharpton: “New York’s Biased”