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John Koblin stuck around last night’s town hall meeting and sends in this dispatch, which begs the question: Does Anthony Weiner like politicking a little too much?

While Yvette Clarke skipped away in the rain and John Murtha ran to catch a flight, Anthony Weiner brought it to the streets after last night’s town hall meeting. For the dozens who saw it, the scene on 8th Avenue last night in Park Slope was one of those rare looks at a politician totally unfettered.

“You’re all Chris Owens supporters,” he said, “and I’m here to support Yvette Clarke — who is going to win anyway.”

The crowd grumbled.

“I’m just baiting you, I’m just baiting you, I’m just baiting you,” he said with a giant grin.

He raised his voice – “what, do you just want to flog me!” – but he never lost his cool. In fact, once the audience got bigger, Weiner relished in the sport of it all by repeatedly teasing the audience. “I’m just kidding! Don’t get a rise every time I bait you.”

The debate lasted longer than the batteries in my digital camera, which died minutes after snapping a shot of Steve Buscemi, who strolled by to check out the scene. [after the jump]

Azi Paybarah

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