Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs


Despite the enthusiastic postering, there wasn’t much of a crowd at Pace University for last night’s town hall meeting with the five AG candidates, who appeared in front of audiences around the state and were televised live at Pace’s Michael Schimmel Center for the Arts. Most of the people following the race were probably waiting for the candidates to debate tonight.

Still, the event was supposed to have been all about the audience. They asked. They heard. But did they like?

One undecided voter who sat near me said he heard only one candidate talk about experience that’s relevant to the job. “But I’m a Democrat,” he said, and left still undecided.

During the forum, Sean Patrick Maloney stood out as the only candidate who responded to his first question with an actual answer, and did not include what felt like a mandatory shout out to the viewers and television stations in other cities.

Mark Green stood out, but in a different way. In keeping with his aggressive new Anti-Cuomo strategy, it was he who offered the closest thing to an attack on another candidate.

Afterwards, the sidewalks were deserted. No pep rallies. Not many reporters looking for man on the street reactions. The street <a href="looked as empty after the town hall as when it started.

Azi Paybarah

Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs