Spitzer Taunts Kalikow–Again


The Democratic front-runner Eliot Spitzer formalizes his earlier objections to the city’s bid for the West Side Rail Yards in a letter today to M.T.A. Chairman Peter Kalikow (PDF), which seem designed to frustrate any potential profit that Mayor Bloomberg might realize by taking control over the land.

More significantly, the letter drips with distrust: First, Sptizer suggests that M.T.A. staff, and not Kalikow, conduct the negotiations with the city, which are taking place this month and early next. Failing that, he writes, bring in another member of the M.T.A. board, like Nancy Blakeman, the head of the agency’s real estate committee and a vice president at her father’s trucking company who was appointed to the board by Gov. Pataki.

On the face of it, it doesn’t seem like Kalikow would have much reason to listen to directions given by a private citizen (the letter was written on personal stationery) who has essentially asked him to resign. But, hey, that’s just Eliot’s style.

Matthew Schuerman

Spitzer Taunts Kalikow–Again