Spitzer’s Think Tank

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In his column on Spitzer’s ideology today, Ben makes mention of Spitzer’s short romance with the idea of a New York chapter of the Democratic Leadership Council. When Ben asked him about the resolutely centrist DLC, Spitzer seemed to distance himself from the Al From crowd: “I don’t know what they’re doing these days.”

But Spitzer is not as averse to all Washington think tanks, and has even raided one of them for his campaign.

Drew Worshaw, 25, worked at the Center For American Progress (“Progressive Ideas for a Strong, Just and Free America”) before joining the Spitzer campaign as a junior policy advisor. At the CAP, Worshaw helped get the foundation off its feet as assistant to Sarah Wartell, who is basically the center’s second-in-command under John Podesta.

According to Erin Green, a current CAP staffer, Worshaw “is passionate about campaign finance reform.” And after the campaign is over, she said, she could “see him working in the administration.”

— Jason Horowitz Spitzer’s Think Tank