Spitzer’s Urban Renewal Tour Rolls On. And On.

Eliot Spitzer: Leader of the pack.

Only a few people — and three reporters, to be precise — tagged along when Eliot Spitzer checked out the Air Train terminal at JFK Airport in Queens this morning for what was essentially the longest photo-op we’d ever seen.

During the walk-through, most of the talk was about economic development, something Spitzer began discussing at an event in Harlem this week.

Spitzer raised the need for a new, cabinet-level adviser to coordinate economic development issues for urban areas. He also talked at length — in very general terms — about eminent domain, which he called a “critical” compenent of city renewal.

When an aide finally interrupted Spitzer in hopes of bringing the event to an end, Spitzer finally went off-script. “Now that is political courage,” he said.

Azi Paybarah

UPDATE: Speaking of leaders of the back, the Spitzer campaign just released their latest fundraising numbers. From a statement:

“Spitzer 2006 raised approximately $1.1 million during the filing period ending August 7th, finishing with a cash-on-hand balance of $14 million. During this same period, the campaign spent approximately $3.5 million.”
Spitzer’s Urban Renewal Tour Rolls On. And On.