Spy: The Book of the Magazine

I Spy.

The other day, someone who will remain nameless accidentally left The Transom alone in an office. In that office was a copy of the Spy book, which comes out in a few months and will supposedly retail for 40 bucks or so.

The nice publicist from Miramax Books recently declined to send over a copy, claiming there just weren’t any on hand. OH YEAH? WHO’S ON HAND NOW, SISTER?

Behind the Music: Inside the Editor’s Studio….

It’s big. It has lots of pictures. It’s gorgeous. Great reprints, great photos. Can’t wait. It’s also got lots of opportunities for editors Graydon Carter, Kurt Andersen and George Kalogerakis to autohagiographize. But really—if they don’t, who will? And why shouldn’t they? You should know, you’ve been ripping them off for years! (Yes you!)

Your Friends and Editors

Spy: The Book of the Magazine