That Kind of Day

Horowitz’s latest report from CT:

Joe Lieberman’s campaign bus rolls into a Citgo station, where the senator is scheduled to talk about energy.

The media horde – or most of it — is shepherded by campaign aides into a sweaty clump by Pump 8 to wait for Lieberman’s remarks.

Meanwhile, a guy in a baseball cap sitting in a beat-up blue car across the station at Pump 4 rolls down the window and yells something to Lieberman, who smiles and starts walking over to accept the man’s well-wishes.

The guy repeats himself, this time more clearly: “How many people have to die?”

Lieberman, suddenly realizing what’s happening, veers away from the car and says, to no one in particular, “Not many, I hope.”

The guy rolls down his passenger window to yell the same thing again. Lieberman, now striding briskly in the other direction, ignores him.

The blue car lingers, then drives away.

— Josh Benson That Kind of Day