The Elusive White Shoe

FRANCESCA: I am not a big believer in white shoes. Even to wear with a wedding dress. And then there’s the whole – “I will NEVER wear these again” thought. Still, it struck me as appropriate.

When, after two days of shopping, I failed to find the magic shoe, or any white sandal for that matter, I began to wonder. Where were all the white strappy heels? Had they gotten dirty? As I grew increasingly impatient with the shoe hunt, I asked a salesman at Nordstrom in Los Angeles.

“Nah,” he said. “We don’t sell white shoes anymore. People kept buying them, using them, and returning them.”

Ooooo. Now I understand. There really aren’t any white shoes on sale at the stores. Thank you very much you cheating shoe returners for ruining it for all of us!

My advice to the shoeless brides of the world. Stay home. Shop online. The Elusive White Shoe