The McMillan Primary

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One more note on the new-and-improved, gender-based Yvette Clarke campaign in the 11th Congressional district…

As Ben already pointed out Londell McMillan, best known for being Prince’s lawyer, has been vigorous in applying his fundraising skills on Clarke’s behalf.

An interesting sidenote here is that McMillian was courted for his support by Carl Andrews early in his congressional bid after being introduced by Musa Moore.

They met a number of times, but he apparently decided to go with Clarke instead. For whatever reason.

—Nicole Brydson

UPDATE: We just heard from McMillian who told us:

“I do plan on calling out a number of notables from the community as well as from my celebrity rolodex to support Yvette. The way I see it is, Yvette is clearly the most qualified candidate with the integrity and commitment from the community. It seems to me at this point, she raises money, she wins. She’s not a newcomer to the district, she’s not riddled with scandal, she’s not trying to do anything but represent the best interests of all of the people in the district.”

The McMillan Primary