The Morning Read: August 15, 2006

Hillary Clinton’s lack of campaigning gets some attention from the Times.

This, on the day The Post comes to the defense of her anti-war challenger, Jonathan Tasini, saying Hillary’s position on Iraq could “stand a little clarification” and asks why NY1 has barred Tasini from a debate while allowing “fringe Democrats” Charlie King and Sean Patrick Maloney to participate Thursday evening.

Can’t wait for NY1’s response.

As for the other all-but certain candidate running right now, Eliot Spitzer, his mystery is revealed. Daily News columnist Bill Hammond has a crack at explaining “how the millionaire’s son who graduated from Horace Mann, Princeton and Harvard morphs into a champion for average New Yorkers.” (Hint: cool TV ads.)

Mayor Bloomberg auditions for quote of the week, with this line about why he opposes paying for 9/11 health-related injuries. “[I]f we pay for this, there will be some library that won’t be able to stay open an extra day…” How many TV ads can his (potential) ’08 rivals make from that one?

And finally, in a story about how the federal government keeps suing NYC agencies, this odd fact:

“The federal government is arguing with the transit authority over an informational flyer that features a photograph of a Sikh transit authority employee wearing a turban with the logo…The transit authority is willing to remove the photograph only if the Justice Department pays a model to don the turban…”

Azi Paybarah

The Morning Read: August 15, 2006