The Morning Read: August 17, 2006

The Daily News reports that Bill Clinton will not endorse in the Attorney General race, though Andrew Cuomo’s ads and rhetoric continue to suggest otherwise.

In the Times’ take on a “remarkably civil” forum for all four Attorney General candidates, Mark Green was apparently reluctant to come across as overtly or overly negative and hit the breaks on his attacks challenging Andrew Cuomo’s record. He did offer the following comparison with the Democratic frontrunner: “Nobody owns me. No company, no labor union, no politician.” Jeanine Pirro emphasized that she is endorsed by three parties, just not the party of Eliot Spitzer, who loomed large over the NY1 broadcast that connected the candidates who were speaking in different parts of the state.

The paper also reviews Hillary Clinton’s first ad of the race as “on message.” While Hillary pans John Spencer’s ad (visually comparing her to Osama Bin Laden as “outrageous”) in the News.

Mayor Bloomberg might be a Republican in name only, but that name goes on a lot of checks to the Republican Party. The Post reports that he is the “soft money King of New York,” contributing as much as $2 million to the state GOP.

The city released perhaps the last batch of 9/11 audio records, revealing some miscommunication but mostly sadness and loss.

The City Council approved Silvercup Studio’s $1.2 billion expansion plan on the Queens waterfront, now if only they can get enough electricity to keep the cameras rolling.

Oh, and the JonBenet Ramsey case might be solved.

–Jason Horowitz

The Morning Read: August 17, 2006