The Morning Read: August 21, 2006

The new, independent Joe Lieberman says he wants Donald Rumsfeld to quit as Secretary of Defense.

Jeanine Pirro is accused of doing much the same thing that led the NJ attorney general to resign by using her position to argue a traffic ticket.

John Faso says “no one” is leading the state Republican Party right now.

Jonathan Hicks rounds up the battle for the 57th assembly district in Brooklyn.

A Sun editorial says Hillary Clinton has “has the luxury of being against ‘luxury housing'” when it comes to her opposition to a plan for Brooklyn Bridge Park.

George Pataki goes on the attack telling New Hampshire’s Concord Monitor Hillary Clinton is a polarizing personality, and “I fear that Sen. Clinton has focused more on the negative and on attacking, as opposed to coming up with any positive solutions.”

Anthony Weiner attacks insurance companies holding back payments related to 9/11, which are “between $188 million and $390 million, should be seized by the state and turned over to the World Trade Center Memorial Fund.”

And Wayne Barrett’s book on Rudy Giuliani’s unpreparedeness leading up to Sept. 11 is ranked 33,047 on Amazon’s bookseller’s list [updated]. It hits shelves tomorrow.

Azi Paybarah The Morning Read: August 21, 2006