The Morning Read: August 30, 2006

Rep. John Murtha is disappointed Hillary Clinton isn’t more outspoken against the war.

Murtha made the remark while in New York to endorse Yvette Clarke. Her opponents think Murtha’s endorsement could backfire in their race for Brooklyn’s 11th congressional district.

“We’ll take the support of [Attorney General] Eliot Spitzer, [former Mayor] David Dinkins and Brooklyn’s teachers over a pro-gun, anti-choice, out-of-state congressman any day,” said state Sen. Carl Andrews’ spokeswoman Melissa DeRosa…

For that congressional race, The New York Times endorsed David Yassky.

Mr. Yassky is undoubtedly an opportunist, as are most politicians and certainly all those in this race. But far more important is his stellar record on the Council…There are many, many intelligent, hard-working and high-achieving young African-Americans in central Brooklyn who once considered careers in politics and then moved on when the party machine proved unenthusiastic or downright antagonistic. That failure of leadership is reflected in the current race.

Eliot Spitzer is not returning a $50,000 contribution he received in 2003 from a company now seeking approval from the state on a controversial project upstate.

“The contributions were made well before the attorney general’s office became involved in the proceedings,” said Spitzer campaign spokeswoman Christine Anderson.

Note:The AP killed the story last night. The donation was made by a different company than the one seeking state approval. Liz Benjamin explains.

And Al D’Amato takes on Patrick Moynihan and George Pataki on the West Side.

Azi Paybarah

The Morning Read: August 30, 2006