The Wedding Think Tank

ERICA: “The wedding summit will be happening this Sunday,” said my Aunt Kim.

“The wedding summit? … What the hell does that mean?” I wondered.

Apparently my aunt (who is throwing our fab wedding) has gathered a veritable international think tank of wedding impressarios that are all scheduled to meet, UN style, this Sunday at her home in Big Horn where our wedding will take place.

In attendance will be:

*Our caterer Richard Lauter of Savore Cuisine & Events, *the Event Designer/Planner, Florist Michael *and Sharon, who is in charge of all party rentals (chairs, linens, etc).

Also in attendance will be her “pool man” who is currently responsible for converting the pool from regular ole rectangular-ish into an infinity pool, her landscape architect who will be transforming her surrounding yard into a lush, desert oasis, the “firepit” guy who is spearheading the building of a super suave outdoor fireplace and her housekeeper Nora, who will hopefully keep her four adorable, yet yappy dogs from interrupting the proceedings.

I believe the agenda will include finalizing menu choices, discussing where we might be staging the “lounge-y area,” doing a walk-through of the ceremony site, establishing the location of food stations, finalizing the look and timeline of the backyard re-do, and picking out all of the chairs, linens, etc.

I reallly wish I could be there, but my aunt has my proxy vote and will give me a full run-down after the meeting of the minds. The Wedding Think Tank