Today’s Lieberman Charge: Hacker Redux?

The Ned Lamont campaign says that the accusations from the Joe Lieberman camp — charging Lamont supporters with trying to strip the Senator of his Democratic registration — sound a lot like the never-proven claims during primary night that Lamont supporters were responsible for the collapse of their overburdened campaign website.

“The Lieberman campaign should get some grip on reality before they start making baseless charges against our campaign,” said Lamont campaign manager Tom Swan. “We had nothing to do with this. We don’t condone it or encourage it. We saw this with the hacking accusations — they continue to make baseless charges.”

Swan added that the only name he had heard in relation to the effort to strip Lieberman of his Democratic registration was Henry Lowendorf, a member of the New Haven Peace Council who he says is unaffiliated with the campaign.

We asked Lieberman spokesman Dan Gerstein if he knows anything more than that. We are waiting for his reply.

–Jason Horowitz

UPDATE: Dan Gerstein sends along Exhibit A about the Lamont supporters they’re accusing of trying to kick Lieberman out of the party, with the following explanatory note:

Tom Swan asked for evidence that Lamont supporters were behind today’s effort to purge Joe Lieberman from the New Haven Democratic Party rolls.
Here is one cite we found from an online radio interview with Henry Lowendorf of the Greater New Haven Peace Council, which we are told was responsible for the complaint to the New Haven registrar.
We will send others as we find them.

FURTHER UPDATE: More from Gerstein:

According to a report from the New Haven Independent:

Other activists signing Lowendorf’s letter to Ferrucci included veteran activists Paul Hodel and Tom Holahan, a former Democratic alderman.

According to this posting on, Hodel was campaigning on behalf of Lamont in New Haven in July. Today’s Lieberman Charge: Hacker Redux?