Traffic-Study Update

Yesterday we ran an item about the mysterious appearance of traffic-strips–the devices that count vehicular traffic–on Van Brunt Street in Red Hook, the neighborhood where residents have been agitating for traffic-calming measures from the Department of Transportation, to no avail. Careful readers will remember that a woman was killed last month by a wayward van allegedly coming from the parking lot of the nearby newly opened Fairway grocery store.

We reported that the D.O.T. was not conducting a traffic study; we now retract that: According to a spokeswoman for the D.O.T., a study is indeed going on right now. The D.O.T. is conducting the study for the Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway, but not for traffic calming. That will still have to wait till fall. The D.O.T. spokeswoman said that the Greenway study is being done now because pedestrian and bicycle usage is up in these months; in the fall, when vehicular traffic is up, another study will be conducted to figure out how not to slaughter pedestrians.

-Matthew Grace Traffic-Study Update