True or False

Joe Lieberman’s supporters have consistently predicted that a Ned Lamont victory would effectively lead to a stampede of security-minded Democrats from the party.

On his Bull Moose blog this morning, Marshall Wittman – a former Republican aide to John McCain who later became a DLC-Lieberman Democrat – decries the influence of blogger “nutroots” on the Lieberman race and Democratic secuirty policy and laments that he is now “a mammal without a party who continues to graze in the political center.” (He writes, in case you didn’t guess, in the voice of a moose.)

So, getting a jump-start on the thousand or so analytical stories we’ll all be reading next Wednesday:

Would a Lieberman loss hurt the party as much as his supporters say?

And have Democrats like, say, Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer — who haven’t exactly rushed to support Lieberman — calculated otherwise?

— Josh Benson True or False