Trump Boy Speaks: “I Don’t Know What ‘Too Tall’ Is.” (And $1/2 billion)

The Kid.

Trump Jr. talks to the fine folks at the Real Deal Podcast. Some highlights:

On New York: “If you want to build a two-story building, you’re going to have someone fighting you saying ‘it’s too big.’

On 45-story Trump Soho: “The sight’s expensive. Obviously everything in New York is trading at, you know, rather high multiples these days. So the site acquisition wasn’t cheap, but I think the site location, the zoning that we have on the site, is going to allow us to build a project that really makes sense.”

On residents’ opposition: “I don’t know what ‘too tall’ is. We live in New York City, so, I don’t know if there’s such a thing as ‘too tall.’ I think in that location it’s very fitting, I think it makes a lot of sense for the product. People always say the best views are from Jersey, but we’re going to have a lot of those views.”

On money: “Ah, it’ll be about a half a billion dollar project from a construction-cost standpoint, maybe a bit more.”

On Dad: “He’s really a builder. That’s where he started, that’s what he understands… He wasn’t the kind of dad that took you and said ‘let’s go play catch.’ That wasn’t his thing. He wanted to talk about business. As a six year old, that may not be the easiest thing in the world.”

On Dad, redux: “He’ll fire us in a second.”

On Dubai: “They’re really pushing the envelope… These people, that are so cognizant of a brand, find a lot of value in Trump. From a real estate perspective, and from a salable real estate perspective, especially, you know, condominium. People like that idea of buying a product they know.”


Max Abelson

Trump Boy Speaks: “I Don’t Know What ‘Too Tall’ Is.” (And $1/2 billion)