Vallone for Lieberman

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While Ned Lamont has Hillary, Chuck and the entire Democratic establishment in his corner, Joe Lieberman has been scrambling to attract defectors. Yesterday he got James A. Amann, the speaker of the Connecticut House, and today his campaign is touting a couple more, including New York’s own Peter Vallone Sr.

“I am going to raise some for money for him,” Vallone just told us. “He supported me for Governor in ’98. I like his courage and I think he was a damn good senator. I agree with him on Iraq. Better to fight them over there than over here.”

Lieberman will also get Bernie McLoughlin, Democratic Town Chairman of North Haven (which Lamont carried) who stepped down yesterday in a show of solidarity with the senator.

McLoughlin said that since he could not in good conscience support the Democratic nominee, it would be inappropriate to stay on as his town’s Democratic chair.

“The Democratic apparatus is supposed to support the nominee of the party. Once that is concluded, you have an obligation as a leader of that party to support the nominee or get out,” said McLoughlin, who chose to get out.

So he’s out.

–Jason Horowitz

Vallone for Lieberman