What’s an Attack?


The game between Mark Green and Andrew Cuomo goes like this. Green goes after Cuomo’s record as HUD secretary under President Clinton, and Cuomo’s people say that Green is attacking because he’s embittered and spiteful.

Yesterday, Cuomo’s spokeswoman even sent a letter to television stations asking them not to run Green’s television ads.

So what’s an attack and what’s a legitimate critique?

I asked Andrew Cuomo that today, after he picked up an endorsement from the City Comptroller.

“This is America, you can talk about anything you want to talk about. It would be nice if he were accurate. But everybody runs their own campaign and I’ll run mine.”

Okay then!

The game continues at tonight’s televised town hall and picks up again at the AG’s debate tomorrow night.

Azi Paybarah What’s an Attack?